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Awareness Through Movement
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In these classes the practitioner leads through gentle sequences of movements using verbal guidance. These sequences, usually carried out lying down, sitting or standing, are focused on fundamental themes of the organisation of movement. Multifaceted opportunities for perception and slow, independent exploration raise and enhance perception, awareness and understanding of our own processes and habits of movement.

"We act not as our body is, but what we feel of it" M.F

The Feldenkrais Method leads to improvement by relating the areas of suppleness to each other, thus integrating and connecting less moveable areas into the overall flow of movement. The capability to apply and to direct movement is thus significantly improved. Our own diversity of movements can be experienced in playfully discovering that it is possible to change something, rather than being subject to immutable circumstances. The experience that lightness as the absence of constraints corresponds with more flexibility and choices of how to move and act leads to a more harmonious and healthy self-image. Lightness and well-being are the result of a use of the body that is suited to oneself.

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