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The Feldenkrais Method is a movement training that focuses attention on the interplay of movement and perception. It is only when we become aware of how we move and what we are doing when we move, that we can influence this and take full advantage of our own possibilities of movement. The orientation to minimal effort and maximum efficiency enables a lightness of posture and motion.

The Feldenkrais-Method is suitable for persons

  • who desire a functional improvement in cases of limited movement, pain and tension (e.g. occupationally conditioned, such as sitting for long periods at the computer, ...)
  • with orthopedic or neurological problems
  • in need of recuperation and reorganization following an accident (e.g. whiplash), injury or operation
  • who want to reduce tension
  • seeking to enhance their artistic and athletic performance, e.g. musicians, dancers, athletes and actors
  • seeking better posture, more flexibility, coordination and efficiency of movement
  • who are concerned with their personal development and physical wellbeing
  • who want to take time for themselves without any pressure to perform

The Feldenkrais Method offers possibilities for everyone to improve their own flexibility - from the infant to the senior citizen. No prior knowledge or abilities are required.


  • individual sessions
  • ongoing courses for groups
  • one-day or several day seminars and courses for groups
  • concepts especially designed for musicians, dancers, actors, caring professions, 55+, wellness; and on request

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