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For an actor it is important to have a repertoire of a greatest possible diversity of differentiated and nuanced actions and possibilities, in order to be able to convincingly embody very different roles and be situatively flexible.

The Feldenkrais Method is devoted to the phenomenon of the immediate link between perception and movement. I can only intentionally, in other words consciously, use/move what I perceive, and I can also only perceive what I can intentionally move. This also means that I can only consciously execute an action/behavior, if I really know what I am doing and, most of all, h o w I do it. Everyone has a certain way of acting, behaving. They first need to become conscious of this to be able to introduce changes and nuances in this behavior, especially to be able to embody a character that is completely different from their own.

The Feldenkrais Method focuses on an extensive exploration of the "how" of moving, acting, thinking. In other words: H o w do I approach movement or instructions for movement (tempo, timing, emotional ties, associations, use of strength, breathing, sequence of actions, ...), what are the possibilities, how different can that be with every individual, how do others do it .... Various possibilities for attention and the linking and shifting of attention can train perception, so that it can be increasingly differentiated and nuanced in every imaginable area. The better one's own sense is of how something feels, the more purposely, securely, flexibly, economically and appropriately one can act, utilize breathing, the voice, and grasp a situation.