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The way we perceive ourselves contributes essentially to our mental, intellectual and physical state and thus, in the truest sense, to our self-confident self-awareness as a whole. For more and more people, it is important to take time to pay attention to themselves and become better acquainted with their own needs. Movement offers the most direct way to increase a person's overall quality of life and positively affect personality development.

The Feldenkrais Method offers a possibility for improving physical and mental functions through targeted training. When we become aware of what we are doing, we can circumvent the boundaries we set for ourselves and a new flexibility, not only physical but also intellectual and mental, emerges. What distinguishes this method is the orientation to effortlessness, lightness and economy and thus the possibility of eluding the pressure to perform and the exertions of everyday life. Starting from the body and experiencing that circumstances can easily be changed in hardly noticeable ways and initially "only" by consciously perceiving them, is profoundly liberating and encouraging. One can tangibly experience that lightness as the absence of constraints leads to greater flexibility, freedom of action and to an altogether more harmonious and healthy self-image.

The Feldenkrais Method is for people of any age and every walk of life. Offers are available both for groups and for individual work. No prior knowledge or abilities are required.