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In the helping professions, caring for the well-being of others is both focal point and daily bread. Caring for one's own needs and even perceiving them often receives too little attention particularly among people who work in social fields. This can also become manifest at some point in various problems such as a general lack of energy, exhaustion, tension, pains, a lack of interest, restlessness, discomfort in the individual "weakness" or signal areas.

In the Feldenkrais Method, learning to treat oneself carefully is a central aspect. Those who can care well for themselves have more energy and staying power and a higher quality of life, because they work with and not against themselves. The site of observation is the body and its movements. One is guided through simple movement sequences verbally, so that one's own manner of moving is not hindered by demonstrations. It is not a matter of learning and being able to perform movements, but rather of enhancing the perception of one's own body and actions, discovering areas and possibilities of lightness and well-being and giving them space.