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Constraints of movement become increasingly evident with age. They are often accepted as normal and age-appropriate and gradually lead to insecurity and a decrease in confidence in one's own body. Anxiety or insecurity only occurs, though, when there is a feeling of not having a choice.

The Feldenkrais Method is a movement training that directs attention to the interplay of movement and perception. Very small and gentle movements make it possible to recognize and expand one's own patterns and habits of movement and to find alternative ways of acting and reacting. The flexibility that is improved in this way increases the security of movement and strengthens confidence in the power and ability of one's own body. Retirement and a mature age, in particular, provide the time and serenity to pursue a sense of what does us good, to allow ourselves to be surprised by our own possibilities and achieve a new quality of life through the joy in our own movement and flexibility.

"It is healthier to learn than to be a patient or even be cured. Live is a process not a thing." M.F.